SunTransfer is part of the Solar-Federation - Network for sustainable energy access.

The concept of this network:

We recognize the complexity of each development and therefore we do not focus on one single aspect. For a permanent change, we bundle rather the diversity of tasks (training, financing, production, installation, customer service, etc.) in an overall strategy. This will ensure that not only isolated, individual projects are implemented, but an overall development is provided.

To ensure both a social and financial sustainability, we bring together the For-Profit activities under the supervision of a Non-Profit organization. Thus, the economic targets always follow a broader social purpose.

We orientate ourselves primary on the locally assessed needs of the population in rural areas, not on the conceptions of external European investors.


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Company News

May 2017

The 15th Solar-Center in Kenya is opened in Ahero.

February 2017

SunTransfer Kenya: The first PAYG company who reached break-even-point in 2016. Read the interview with Gathu Kirubi, CEO of SunTransfer Kenya.

November 2016

SunTransfer Ethiopia installed 10 solar systems for schools in five UNHCR refugee camps at the border to Somalia. Each solar system with 640Wp is designed to provide power to laptops and tablets for mobile education service.


September 2016

SunTransfer Kenya opens a new Solar-Center in Migori. See map of all Solar-Centers.


June 2016

Ethiopia: STM Solar Technologies Manufacturing starts cooperation with Hidase Telecom to supply up to 800 offices with solar products, assembeled in Ethiopia.

Kenya: SunTransfer Kenya opened a news Solar-Center in Ewuaso Kedong. 

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