Water pump
Water is needed on the one hand for domestic purposes and on the other for irrigating the fields to ensure an adequate harvest. Solar energy provides an inexpensive and reliable solution to ensure the supply of indispensable water.

Water disinfection
The people in Africa frequently do not have water at their disposal which is suitable for drinking purposes. This promotes the spread of illnesses which, on account of the sparse healthcare services, either cannot be treated or only with great difficulty. Solar energy combined with suitable water disinfection plants can solve this problem and ensure a reliable as well as a clean supply of drinking water.

Street lights
Due to the lack of light, social life and social exchange within a village community is extremely restricted after sunset. Furthermore, going out at night can be dangerous. For this reason, there are only a few people abroad in the evening and their path is only sparsely illuminated by battery-operated torches. Solar street lights offer safety and enable a more varied communal life in the evening too.