SunTransfer provides sustainable energy solutions for off-grid areas in developing countries.

In off-grid-areas worldwide solar energy can cover most of the energy needs. Solar power is affordable, safe and clean. We design and install solar systems for off-grid-areas in developping countries since 2005. With our practical experience we provide you the best service for sustainable off-grid solutions.

"Pay-to-Own"-Technology: Professional solutions for end user financing

Products for households: light, communication, entertainment

Applications for small and medium enterprises

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Sun Transfer Ethiopia wins Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge
Sun Transfer Ethiopia wins $100,000 to sell solar home systems to rural households through an energy lending scheme, and empower small solar entrepreneurs to sell, install, and provide after-sales service for the systems.

SunTransfer Kenya opens 7th Solar-Center
A new SunTransfer Solar Center started in Voi, 300kms South of Nairobi. Professionell trained solar technicians are responsible for installation, end user finance and maintenance.

SunTransfer Kenya opens 6th rural Solar-Center:
Network of Solar-Centers for distribution, maintenance and enduser finance in Kenya is growing: SunTransfer opens a new Solar Center in Tala, about 100kms East of Nairobi. The Solar Center staffed with four solar technicians mainly installs solar home systems. For the end-user financing the own pay-to-own charge controller (SunControl) is used in combination with the management software M-Solar.

SunControl + M-Solar
"Pay-to-Own"-Charge controler and innovative software for management of micro loans.

STM Solar Technologies Manufacturing
Suntransfer incorporated first assembling company for off-grid solar products in Ethiopia. 

4th Solar-Center in Kenya 
SunTransfer Kenya opened a new Solar-Center in Nanyuki, 200km north of Nairobi.

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